Personality Eye Test

Here comes an interesting test that you and your friends would enjoy taking. It’s called the Eye Test/Personality Test. This is how the test works… you glance at the image above and see what eye you feel the most drawn towards. Then you scroll down and see what your selection revels about your personality.

If You Are Drawn to Eye # 1, Then You Are Primal:

Every one of your thoughts and emotions come from deep in your soul. You internalize and feel everything on a deeper level then others.

Your instincts are always on point, and you should never second guess that. You are strongly in touch with your desires, needs, and fears.

If You Are Drawn to Eye # 2, then You Are Articulate:

You see everything around you but don’t open your mouth about it unless you feel its truly necessary. Your a deep thinker who speaks and writes words carefully.

You watch things from a distance and form intelligent conclusions about issues that effect you. You soak up all the information you can and always keep yourself well informed.

If You Are Drawn to Eye #3, then You Are Persistent:

Your all about your goals and focus your energy extremely well when it comes to what you aim to achieve. You never give up no matter how big the obstacles your life throws you are.

Your an extremely energetic person who wants nothing more in then then to be successful.

If You Are Drawn to Eye #4, then You Are Emotional:

Your in sync with the world around you and considered a social butterfly by most.

No matter how the world or people around you try to make you feel your totally confident in yourself! You enjoy everyday and can’t wait to see whats next in life journey.

If You Are Drawn to Eye #5, Then You Are Sensitive:

You have love and mercy for all and can always place yourself in somebody else’s shoes. Because of this your always caring to others as well as plants, animals and nature.

You have a deep connection with the world and fell the vibrations of joy and pain in others.

The world see you as a softy and a weak target. The reality is thats far from the truth and your as strong as they come!

If You Are Drawn to Eye #6, You Are Visionary

Your a true creator. You envision things and then bring them to life! People call  you a dreamer and don’t take you seriously until they see your work complete.

People try to understand you but are unable to do so from the outside looking in. Only a creator can see the beauty in you and appreciate it!

If You Are Drawn to Eye #7, Then You Are Romantic:

Your heart beats for the vibrations of love. Your romantic, loving and want to make people smile. You care deeply for yourself, friends and family.

You see the good in bad situations and picture negative situations with an positive outcome.

If You Are Drawn to Eye #8, Then You Are Cozy:

Your warm, friendly and got a good sense of humor. People consider you a people person and can’t help but to want to be around you!

For you everyday is a chance for you to get it right and move closer to what your heart desires. You glass is never half empty but half full in your eyes!

If You Are Drawn to Eye #9, Then You Are Sad:

You see the world as a dark, ugly, mean and unfair place. You would rather be alone at this point and gather strength to face for troubles head on!

Your feeling down, losing hope, halfway depressed but just know theres light at the end of the tunnel. As much as you wanna cry your soon going to see the beauty of life and have a genuine reason to smile!